Training Materials Released by DBHDS Under Review

September 27, 2017

The release of the revised “competency checklists” for Behavior and Autism may have been premature. ¬†While many providers would welcome more streamlined tools, a less cumbersome process, and considerably greater clarity, the materials released this week change some of the parameters, above and beyond the current regulations, and are not appropriately published as DMAS forms as required. We worked very hard to ensure that forms and procedures which may be subject to review or audit were published by DMAS, posted appropriately to their website and, if appropriate, conveyed as part of a Medicaid Memo. ¬†This effort was specifically designed to prevent the type of communication which occurred this week! The new forms and requirements proposed by DBHDS were not distributed through a recognized and accountable process, conformed to regulations, nor posted as required.