Training Materials to be “Formally” Released Through the DMAS Process

October 24, 2017

On 27 September we advised through a News Post that DMAS staff were reviewing the revised advanced competencies for Behavior and Autism that were released by DBHDS through their ListServ.  Our concerns were not necessarily about the changes in content, but more about the method of release (DBHDS ListServ) and that the attached documents added requirements not existing in current regulation (specific items in a training curriculum and qualifications for the “trainer”). Today, DMAS has confirmed that they will work with DBHDS to assure that notice of significant updates or change is provided formally via a Medicaid Memo (or Manual Update when we have a manual).  They will also ensure that the revised documents are included (in this case replace existing forms) on the DMAS Forms List on the WebPortal. This will include the documents mentioned above which, for the moment, can be considered “draft.”