Trends at Cross-Over!

February 13, 2024

Today is “cross-over” — the day when all bills (except the Budget and some Resolutions) must have been dealt with by the chamber where they were introduced.  Unlike some other “crossover” days when they had to bring in dinner and burn the midnight oil, it looks like this one will be well over by dinner-time!

I pulled together some things that we have been following to see if I could see any trends and I found a few:

  • Bills reducing the impact of barrier crimes are passing in both House and Senate;
  • Bills expanding options for kinship care are also doing well;
  • Of the six bills we were watching on paid sick leave, only one (paid FMLA) is still alive in the Senate and it’s counterpart was left in committee in the House – so it looks like they are gone;
  • Minimum wage bills advanced along party lines, there is still the anticipation that the Governor may veto;
  • Changes to the “rules” for the Waivers generally passed, but there are multiple bills that will need to be reconciled and will no doubt end up in a conference committee;
  • Workforce bills generally passed with the emphasis on easing the requirements for licensing.
  • The two bills that we were concerned about which would have potentially barred a Sponsor from having a gun in their home were amended to completely eliminate that concern.

The big questions that remains of course is the budget and which amendments may be agreed to by committee.  We will have an analysis of that published on Sunday evening.   Remember that the amendments are to the bill introduced by the Governor – so, for example,  if the house or Senate decides to limit the number of new slots to a number lower than 3,440 for the biennium, they will amend Item#288 with new language and new expense totals.   If it is not mentioned, then the Governor’s number will stand.