Tuesday Morning Update

March 17, 2020

We do not have much “new” news, but want to share a couple of items:
  • For Day Programs which have closed, without placement for staff in other parts of your program – it would be helpful for everyone if you could provide your staff with copies of their “Waiver Test,” First Aid/CPR, and their eligibility letter for employment (Criminal Background Check).  We are still trying to negotiate flexibility in the hiring rules, and if it is forthcoming, these documents will be very useful for staff to have in hand
  • We expect notice later today on a call tomorrow with both DMAS and DBHDS to provide some answers on questions we have been asking on the DD Waiver side of the house.  There are already two calls scheduled for BH Associations to try to clarify what can (or can not) be done telephonically.
  • We do have a members call scheduled for this Friday and plan to have a call every week (Friday at 9am) until the State of Emergency is lifted.

In reviewing, this morning, the posts that we have sent out regarding preparing for and coping with the Coronavirus 19, I realized that they span only 10 days!

Our world has changed in those ten days, and those and more changes are likely to continue for many more days to come.

Be safe – look after your individuals and your staff as best you can; the rest will sort itself out!