Two Updates!

September 30, 2022

First, we have heard from both the administration at DMAS and from one of the “technical” experts regarding the latest revalidation/claims problem.  We know that it is being addressed!  As a spin off, however, this is ending the provider’s status in WaMS (in addition to ending their ability to file claims!); not knowing how proactive the WaMS communication system is to push out information to Support Coordinators, it is at least a possibility that there will be ripple effects!

Second, we have become aware of an August 16, 2022 memo from the Office of Licensing that (to date) we have been unable to locate as a “guidance document” or any other official notice which typically goes with a change in procedure/expectations.  The Memo is here!

Read it carefully, as the interpretation by various Specialists may differ from the actual text!    We assume that the sentence “Beginning January 1, 2023, whenever a new Risk Manager is hired, providers will be required to use this updated Attestation form as part of the application process (italics are mine)”,  should not be interpreted literally!    The review of required training and attestations that they have been completed would be part of the new staff’s orientation post hire in most cases!