Update on CCCPlus

June 24, 2018

From the last Advisory Committee Meeting, there are two items to share: CMHRS providers can use the form originally developed for Nursing Facilities to report significant issues with outstanding claims – the form should be sent to  cccpluscmhrs@dmas.virginia.gov  This is designed to be used for claims that you can not resolve with the MCOs and have escalated within the MCO to no avail.  Please be judicious in your use, but please do use the form when you have run out of other options! Second, Tammy Whitlock, who has been confirmed as the Deputy Director for Complex Care and Services (a position she had been “Acting” in since Karen Kimsey’s promotion), has agreed to convene a small workgroup to try to resolve proactively some of the issues which have plagued the DD Waiver providers during the implementation of CCCPlus!  Stay tuned!