Update on the CMS Review of the Transition Plans

April 20, 2015

Recent information on the CMS review of the plans submitted by each of the States is as follows:

  • 43 plans (including Virginia’s) were sumitted by the March 17th deadline; ACL has reviewed and commented on thirteen plans (Virginia is not on the list!)

  • NORC (a CMS contractor) reviews each plan for content compliance — if the content is sufficient, copies are forwarded to ACL (a second CMS contractor), DOJ and the Office of Civil Rights for comment

  • General findings are:

    • Most states have complied with the public comment process, but the degree of response and the responsivness of the state agencies to the public varies considerably

    • Most states are in the assessment phase and are planning self-assessment by providers; without complete information it is difficult to tell which providers fall into which categories

    • They anticipate another round of Transition Plans to be submitted in late Summer or Fall as the first round of assessments are complete; substantive changes would need to be posted for public comment.