Update on the HHS Announcement

June 10, 2020

Nothing is simple and this is no different – each day we will have more information, we expect some FAQs shortly, and will share as rapidly as we can – remember we do not provide legal advice!  I would suggest, however, that you delay for more details before you invest in seeking legal advice. We do know that the funds are for Medicaid providers who have not received relief funds earlier (because the are also Medicare providers), the funding is there and, unlike the PPP funding, there is no rush.  Applications must be in by 20 July and attestations may be done up to 90 days after that.  The “portal” will not be on the HHS website by 5pm EDT today. I have attached the Terms and Conditions here; and the first thing you will notice is that it is ten pages – fairly easy reading once you get past the first two pages!  Our understanding from the ANCOR team today is that all HCBS Medicaid providers, ICF/IIDs and other Medicaid providers who have not already received funds are considered eligible. We will keep you posted as more information is available!