Update to the Update and Details Still TBD

December 04, 2020

What we know this morning:

  • Information is posted on the DMAS website at https:/www.dmas.virginia.gov/#/covid [DO NOT select the provider option, just scroll down the main page]
  • As of noon today – the COVID-19 Day Support Payment FAQ is posted, the COVID-19 Residential Support Payment FAQ is not (projected for later today)
  • The RedCap links and the link to apply for the COVID Related API are (or will be) in the FAQ – the API link is the same for all COVID related activity.
  • We have posted the deadlines as we know them today under Events on our website
  • For planning purposes you can estimate that the amounts could be:
    • $1,000 per member authorized for Group Day, Community Engagement or Community Coaching per month (August through December)
    • $1,800 per unique individual authorized for Group Home, Supported Living or Sponsored Residential any time between March and October (this may be extended through December, but is not per member per month as may have been suggested this morning)
    • In both cases the funds must not exceed the amount allocated ($25M for Day Support; $15M for Residential Support), so the exact amount will depend on the number who apply and are approved.