Updates from the 2017 Session and Other Items!

January 28, 2017

Issues of Interest:
  • One of the significant issues in what may be added to the Governor’s Budget relates to the SIS, the lack of transparency, the impact on individuals and providers and how the General Assembly may require this to be addressed by DBHDS/DMAS – we have posted (on the DD Waivers Implementation Page under Member Resources) some useful guidance on the SIS for providers.
  • The temporary hold on the CCC+ contracting process has been lifted and DMAS has announced it’s intent to award the contract to seven providers who each will serve all six regions.  We will let you know when the contracts have been signed.
  • To date, the Legislative Session has been busy (it is the short session!), but there is nothing so far that has caused significant concern.  There are several bills yet to be heard for the first time that we are watching very carefully!
  • SJ47 (The Deed’s Commission on Mental Health in the 21st Century will continue for at least two more years. They are focusing a great deal of attention and legislative effort on issues related to individuals with metal health issues who cross paths with the criminal justice system.