Updates in an Ever Changing World!

May 27, 2020

Here are a couple items that we are working on this week:
  • In his amended Executive Order #51 the Governor extended indefinitely the State of Emergency (which had been scheduled to end on June 10, 2020).  We have asked DMAS to clarify how this will impact the “flexibilities” that have been granted “during the public crisis, as set out in the Governor’s Emergency Declaration.”  We hope to hear something shortly.
  • The Governor also issued Executive Order #63 requiring face-coverings in most commercial and governmental spaces.   While this is clearly a responsible step, it will add complication to the already difficult and stressful tasks associated with having many DD Waiver participants return to day services!
  • We have also been discussing with a variety of individuals the rather desperate need for individuals who need support while in the hospital for non-COVID related issues to have staff with them to provide that support.  There seems to be small steps being taken in the right direction!
  • On a related note – the CARES Act codified the allowance for HCBS to be provided while an individual was an inpatient in an acute care setting.  To implement that provision, Virginia would need to both amend the Waivers and identify the necessary funds.  Both actions would require time, and the latter, the approval of the General Assembly.  While it is certainly something we have waited for for a long time, we will need to make a decision in preparation for the next Session if it is a priority!
  • We are also getting more and more questions about the need to open new sites, move a program from one location to another, or other actions that may involve licensing that so far Licensing is declining.  We will have the opportunity this week to seek more clarification, but our approach will be that as “businesses” are allowed to open with the precautions outlined in EO#63, staff of the Office of Licensing should be able to make specific visits in response to requests. This would be especially true as most visits would be to sites that are not occupied!
See you on Friday!