Updates of Updates!

April 22, 2021

First, we have it confirmed that because the “competency” checklist which will coincide with the new DD Waiver regulation has not be posted for comment, the publication of the revised form will be delayed (public comment is 30 days and it has yet to be posted).  The regulations are in effect beginning May 1st, but the form is not yet available for use.  Some documentation of initial competency (before staff are working alone) and clear control over the timeframes for “remediation” of deficiency, if applicable, need to be attended to in the interim.  But, this is good news as the existing forms, with instructions, do not match the new regulations.

Second, we are working on issues related to the Supervisor’s training and having it line up with other regulations.  If you have issues, concerns, with this training – please let us know!  And,

Third, apparently some of the updates to WaMS have caused a glitch.  When the CSB enters a new VIDES which is done prior to the renewal of the ISP it ends the authorization.  It needs to be done before the Annual PCP meeting (and if the VIDES is overdue a new authorization can not be entered), but being timely should not impact the current authorization!  It is now a known problem and is being, or will shortly be, fixed!