Updates on a Several Issues (All DMAS Related!)

January 26, 2021

The Home & Community-Based Services reviews, which have been being piloted, are now moving into the formal round of provider reviews.  There are several issues to be brought to your attention:

  • The contact with providers to begin the process is being directed to the primary contact in the RedCap System (where the initial data was uploaded to achieve organizational compliance); many of those contacts are, as you might guess, out of date!  Please take the time to enter your RedCap file and make sure the information is up-to-date.
  • We have attached here the presentation from DMAS on the results of the pilot; please note a couple of items:
    • The letter sent to providers at the beginning of the process indicates that on-site visits will be part of the process; the transmission email should make it clear that the visits will be virtual until such time as it is safe to do otherwise.
    • There have been, as you might expect, a number of issues which have occurred because of limited or no internet or cell service. 
    • The time involved in each visit will, of course, be burdensome for the providers depending on the number of sites.  It will be particularly challenging for sponsored residential services.
    • There has been a significant addition to the expectations for provider-controlled settings concerning “access.”  As this may add another assessment/review and an addition to the plan to determine if the individual can “manage” a key to an exterior door, if they desire a key and if they are safely able to be in the residence without supervision or support.
    • We are currently working with the DMAS staff to mitigate the impact while accomplishing the intended goal of ensuring that every individual has appropriate access to their home. 
    • We hope that there will be some clear direction/set of expectations and good communication before setting the expectation!
  • On another note, Myers & Staufer are plowing through the cost settlements and getting payments out as soon as all their questions are answered.  If you have heard nothing, reach out using the email address where you sent the spreadsheet. 
    • Don’t forget to record and save the API number which will be communicated with the documentation about your payment.  If they open up additional funding opportunities having the API number will save one step of the process!
    • Look for payment before the end of March – later than we thought, but better than nothing!