Updates on Face-to-Face Group Services in BH and ARTS

July 02, 2020

Medicaid released this memo yesterday with an update which relaxes their earlier prohibition on face-to-face group services and allows reimbursement for group services previously restricted. They are adamant that the March 19th memo was clear in the prohibition for BH/ARTS group services in person (only permitting telehealth).  The section referenced in the March 19th memo is: Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT), Intensive In-Home Services (IIH), Mental Health Skill-Building, Behavioral Therapy, Intensive Community Treatment and Psychosocial Rehabilitation.
  • Service delivery may be provided outside of the school setting, office setting, or clinic setting for the next 60 days.
  • Face-to-face services shall not be required, but documentation shall justify the rationale for the service through a different model of care. . .
  • These services shall not be provided to a group of individuals at the same time and location (with the exception of family members/kinship in the same location) so as to promote containment of COVID-19 infection.
There were not similar restrictions put in place for DD Services.