Updates on Federal Action

October 06, 2020

Several federal actions will make a significant difference for all of us because, as we have learned, this pandemic is going to last a lot longer than any of us expected back in the early days of 2020!

  • The Public Health Emergency (PHE) declaration has been extended for an additional 90 days from 23 October, 2020; this allows further continuation of several of the flexibilities granted for telehealth services (as a PHE reduces HIPAA expectations, among other things). 

  • Along with the flexibilities offered, the PHE declaration guarantees an extension of the additional 6.2% federal share of Medicaid to be paid through 31 March, 2021.  While this does not mean additional funds for any provider group, it will help offset the growing cost of Medicaid caused by increased enrollment due largely to the pandemic/recession. 

  • Lastly, we did post the link to the reopened Provider Relief Fund, available now, on the designated page on the website!