October 04, 2016

Fourteen days until the VNPP Fall Conference; hotel rooms are filling fast, but we still have room in most of the sessions – but register now, if you want to be part of the biggest conference yet!  It is also a critical year for us to present a united front in making very selective “asks” at the General Assembly Session in January.  That said, we are still trying to sort out the current issues with the implementation of the DD Three (Waivers), changes anticipated with TDT, and the roll-out of CCC+ next summer!
  • Provider Enrollment seems to be moving along a little smoother; be very cautious and be certain that you submit the addendum to your DBHDS License which is both current AND lists the licenses required for the services for which you are seeking enrollment.  We are expecting a blast email from DMAS with further details.
  • We are also trying to become a part of the discussion about WaMS – not just the current issues in lack of detail in how authorizations should be processed, but also the future requirements which will require a significant amount of data entry which is duplicative of the information required in the individual record.  So far, DBHDS has not considered input from the provider associations or community to be relevant or useful and we have not been included in any dialogue.
  • We do hope to have some additional detail on how best to submit authorizations by this afternoon.
  • DBHDS-Office of Licensing has released a document which makes helpful suggestions about the development of the agreement a provider might have with a school division; VNPP is part of the further discussion about the regulatory and interpretive updates that DMAS is planning.  We will keep you posted.
  • The notice of intent to enter into negotiation for potential contractors for CCC+ (the new name for MLTSS) has been published naming seven health plans selected for negotiation for all six regions.  They are all very familiar names!