Urgent Action Needed!

February 01, 2017

Contact your Senator Today!

Yesterday, despite the testimony of many including VNPP, Senate Bill 1373 was reported from committee along a strict party line vote (R-7; D-6) and it will now be heard on the floor of the Senate.  While Senator Norment did offer an amendment related to the radius around a day care center or school and limited the impact to only localities of less than 100,000, this did not change the impact of the bill. We object on many grounds, but specifically because:
  • We believe this violates the Federal Fair Housing Law
  • The “notice” provisions would be a barrier to most providers who cannot afford to hold property vacant for 90 days
  • Barriers to providing residential options could impact our ability to comply with the DOJ requirements
  • And, it could put HUD funding for all of Virginia at risk!


Here is the link to Who’s My Legislator – it will help you identify your Senator if you do not have that information readily at hand!


Call today – to the General Assembly Office; talk to the Aide if possible, the Administrative Assistant if the Aide is not available!