Vaccinations Options – #2

December 31, 2020

First, Virginia is not the only state where there is confusion about the vaccine process – others are having the same issues!  Some comfort, I guess.

Second, we know that DBHDS has provided the health department with information about licensed providers (group home, sponsored, supported living), but we do not know how current the information is in terms of “primary contact” for an organization – data, of course, is only as accurate as the input!

Third, we know that the Richmond/Henrico Health Department is several weeks ahead of the others in reaching out to providers; it can certainly be expected that the larger Departments may be better equipped to handle the vaccination process. 

Last, it is still not clear how the vaccination of residents vs staff is divided among Departments of Health, Walgreens and CVS. 

We are in frequent communication with DBHDS staff who are providing any and all information as requested by VDH; it is, afterall, a huge undertaking and I guess a little patience would go along way!

This is also the LAST DAY of 2020!  Happy New Year, Everyone!