VNPP DOJ Digest #3

July 16, 2012

Training Workgroup:
  • The Provider Training Workgroup discussed potential training and topics in the following areas: Person-Centered Thinking/Self-determination, Basic Medical Care, Community Integration, Risk Management, Communication, Nutritional Management, Environmental Safety.The group discussed content, the cost and delivery methods.  Proposed delivery methods ranged from training which could be delivered on site through power point presentations, videos, informational modules, webinars, train-the-trainer model, to several hour to two-day off-site training for almost all staff, including DSPs statewide.  This group is attempting to determine what should be basic competency training for DSPs and others working with individuals with ID.    Providers expressed concern about the cost and delivery methods.  A good deal of content was provided and much of it was valuable.  There was concern expressed about the quantity and relevance of some of the content to all providers, staff, or individuals served.Heidi Dix said they would come back to the next meeting on August 23 to discuss cost and delivery methods.
  • We continue to monitor this closely with particular attention to the costs which may be associated with additional training requirements.
  • The exact terminology is still not settled; the area of contention is how the Court phrased the what flexibility the State will have in “downsizing” the Training Centers. 
QI Activities:
  • There will be a meeting this week for all of the individuals from DBHDS who are  directly involved in the Pre and Post-Move Monitoring.  The intent is to have everyone on the same page; the Post-Move Monitoring Form which is currently in use is being revised (slightly). When a new one is available, it will be sent out.
Provider Meetings:
  • Provider meetings will be scheduled in the Fall in each Region to discuss issues relating to discharges, monitoring, etc.