VNPP Legislative Day

January 17, 2017

Thank you to all of the LPRC members who came to Richmond today to meet with members of the General Assembly!  We began the day with a meeting with Joe Flores, Deputy Secretary of HHR, who was able to give us a good perspective on the possibility of a federal decision to “block grant” Medicaid and the likely reaction by the Virginia legislature.  In short, while the potential exists as a way to have significant savings at the Federal level, the Virginia Legislature is already taking a fairly firm stand in acknowledgement of the added cost that would be shifted to Virginia. All LPRC members made good contacts with a variety of GA Members and/or their Aides and dropped of VNPP Brochures; we know the meetings were successful because less than three hours one of the Legislative Aides called with a question about a closely related issue and asked our opinion! All three of our Budget Amendments were submitted and are receiving attention; the fourth – to have DBHDS pass the $12 saved from the reduced FBI fee back to the providers has already happened!