VNPP Offers Testimony at Senate Finance Committee

April 01, 2014

At the hearing today, VNPP offered testimony in support of “closing the coverage gap” for persons previously uninsured.  Jennifer Fidura stated: “We are among the group of Medicaid Dependent Providers who are constrained by the rates paid by Medicaid from funding determined by the General Assembly.  We are a service business – more than 80% of our costs are in payroll. Among the ID/DD providers, especially, we employ the working poor.  Our staff have high turnover, work multiple jobs, qualify for Food Stamps and benefit from FAMIS for their children. They can not afford the insurance that we provide.” She encouraged the members of the committee to support either the plan proposed by the Governonr or the plan which the Senate had proposed — “Regardless of the route you choose to take – establishing a Marketplace forVirginiato expanding Medicaid – there will be affordable coverage available for many of our staff who work hard to support their families, but fall well below 133% of the Federal Poverty Level.”