Waiver Revisions Pushed Back to August 1st

June 20, 2016

We have been informed by DMAS that CMS has raised some concerns about the applications submitted to redesign the Waivers that they expect to ¬†resolve by the end of July. ¬†The delay will allow for additional time for the pieces necessary to be put in place to support providers and CSBs so there will be minimal disruption for the individuals we support. As it has been clear that systems and data are not ready, DMAS has worked closely with us to develop “workarounds” to allow billing to occur even without the service authorization functionality in the new WaMS system; we are very appreciative of their efforts! The very active involvement by DMAS staff in negotiating the issues remaining with CMS, the final development of the regulations and their standards of practice for stakeholder review and input should make a positive difference. We will release additional details as they become available; we expect a blast email this afternoon and a Medicaid Memo later this week with more information!