Waiver Updates – WaMS and Customized Rates

July 08, 2017

WaMS There is an updated narrative on the WaMS Member’s page from late last week which is the most current information; we continue our meetings and discussions and, for the moment, we believe that:
  • While the capacity to enter some version of the ISP (Parts I-V) may be available on October 1st, no private provider will be able to enter any portion of their Part V until the corresponding Part I-IV is entered by the CSB.  It is our understanding the no CSB intends to manually their ISPs; the earliest that any provider might be expected to enter anything is when the data exchange between the CSB and WaMS is complete and functional.  The predictions now are “from six to nine months.”
  • The precise formatting of what is to be entered is still in some flux; we are working to minimize the amount of “double data entry,” to make sure that all parties understand that what is entered in WaMS will not be the provider’s working plan for supports, and to minimize the extra work involved with sharing pertinent information with the Case Manager as the data may no longer be able to be uploaded in WaMS.
Customized Rates DBHDS has published some Guidance, the Application and a budget form on their website at http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/professionals-and-service-providers/developmental-disability-services-for-providers/waiver-services DMAS circulated the information this morning and asked that we distribute it.  We also took the time to review it and have some concerns, a few of those are:
  • The complete absence of the “team” in supporting the provider in establishing the need for additional supports
  • In  many settings the required accounting (based on staff wages and payroll costs) will be very challenging, and
  • As with the previous “exceptional rates” the potential audit issues will be considerable