WaMS #5

November 26, 2016

Most providers are seeing some progress and we are told that the total number of authorizations still to be processed by the PA staff is dwindling – though not fast enough for providers who are not getting fully paid. The other issue which we discussed recently also seems to be resolved in a workable manner; details to be announced.  The solution is that the CSB will continue to maintain their client record and, as all CSBs are working with an electronic health record (EHR), some data elements may be communicated to WaMS.  There is not, as far as I know, a complete list of what is needed nor a good estimate of the cost to “tweak” the records, so there are still  many things to be worked out. CSBs have agreed to provide some information beginning January 1, 2017 either by uploading pdf files, faxing or another agreed upon method.  While it has not been discussed, providers will continue to attach Part V when they request a new authorization.