WaMS ISP Overview Training Released

May 15, 2018

The training released earlier this week is not the expected training on how to minimize duplication of effort in entering the ISP into the WaMS system.  You may recall that the plan by DBHDS to have all providers duplicate their ISP Part Vs in WaMS has been discussed for many months.  Through the efforts of the members of the DD Waivers Advisory Committee, we were able to push back hard enough that DBHDS developed a modified version of the requirements.  It is still duplicative, but less onerous and time-consuming.  See the description posted March 8 on the WaMS Phase II Member’s page. The entire media file of the training which can be downloaded is more than 1 1/2 hours and is only about “complete use.”  The training on the more reasonable option is not yet available. It is critical that providers remember that their “record” is not in WaMS – it is either an EHR or a paper record which is maintained in accordance with regulation, law and best practice and remains in the control of the provider.  That is the record to be available for review or audit as necessary!