WaMS – Myths and Reality

August 10, 2018

As we move further past the targeted “go live” date for when ISPs were to appear in WaMS the number of myths and misinformation seems to increase.  I have posted for VNPP Members (on the WaMS Phase II page) a link to the Provider User Guide and have posted below a few of the 80+ pages that are most relevant to this discussion. It is our understanding that the majority of the CSBs have declined to have staff manually enter the ISP into WaMS in addition to entering it in their electronic health record – they have stated from the beginning that they would not do “double data entry.”   It is also our understanding that none of the electronic health record vendors are 100% ready for “go live” yet – some may be claose, but not quite yet.  A CSB’s ability to utilize the data exchange for new plans being entered is entirely dependent on which EHR they use and when the vendor completes the programming and tests implementation. Because the private sector also objected to having to do “double data entry”, i.e., create an ISP in their record (whether electronic or paper) and enter in WaMS,  DBHDS created a “modified use” option for entering a Part V.  The description of those requirements is linked below:

Modified Use

After completing the few data elements required you will then be able to upload your plan, just as you do now; the General Schedule of Supports is not required for the Part V – Modified Use. We have not heard of any provider being denied an authorization or being denied payment because of a delay in the “go live” for the new WaMS data.  If that does occur, please let us know immediately.