WaMS Phase II (or maybe III)!

May 30, 2017

We have known for months that the next phase of WaMS would be to incorporate limited ISP information so allow data to be collected for DOJ and/or CMS reporting.  A workgroup was formed and has been working to develop the specifications to allow the critical elements to be drawn from the CSBs Electronic Health Record (EHR); from the beginning the CSBs have been adamantly opposed to doing double data entry! While we have been part of the advisory group, the working group were “IT” representatives from several CSBs and DBHDS/FEI staff.  Three things have recently come to our attention:
  • The current configuration of this part of WaMS will not allowing for transfers from the EHR and uploading pdf ISPs or Plans of Care.
  • DBHDS is trying to set a hard deadline of 13 September, 2017 for “go live.” And,
  • DBHDS/FEI has made an assumption that private providers (and potentially the CSBs who have services and do a Part V) will manually enter the plan into WaMS.
We know a little, not enough, about the format which has been created in WaMS and some of the issues – too many to list. This post is to alert you that we have responded to the multitude of concerns about what has been proposed and plan to create a “page” under Member Resources to keep you up to date with weekly updates.