WaMS Update

October 02, 2017

The transition that occurred in WaMS over the weekend has caused significant issues – some of which are still being discovered:
  • ISPs which had been uploaded to WaMS have been discarded; this apparently includes those in process for start dates coming up in the near future.  If you have a plan in the system for authorization, it is probably gone!
  • We understand that CSBs will need to re-enter the providers for each of their consumers – if you have an authorization in process, speak to your Case Manager as soon as possible.
  • Screens look different; it is difficult to tell the challenges with processing an authorization until we have a few “under our belts.”
On a related, but different note, DOJ reviewers apparently tried to use WaMS data to locate and visit some individuals; the demographics had not been up dated and they were unable to find them.  CSBs have been directed to update 3,000+ case files in WaMS and it was expected to be done by today!  Be a bit sympathetic if your CM seems a bit stressed.