WaMS Update

September 16, 2017

There have been a number of concerns raised because of some apparent misinformation or misunderstood information which has been offered at recent provider roundtables.  Let’s clarify:
  • DBHDS hoped to have Parts I – V of the ISP ready for used in the WaMS system by October 1 (The software developer’s contract ends on October 1st); as of yesterday, there were still a number of issues to be resolved and, other that my being allowed to see the almost final product, no input from the expected end users.
  • When the capability for entry “goes live” no private provider will be able to enter any part of any Part V until the CM/SC has completed Parts 1-4.
  • It is my understanding that none of the CSBs intend to do manual data entry; the data exchanges which will allow migration of the data from the CSBs EHR have not been built yet and are not ready for use.
  • While DBHDS will offer “previews” of the new fields in the next few months and more intensive training on a regional level as CSBs go “online;” we are still months away from this “going live” for the private sector.
  • We have included details of the current version on the WaMS Member’s Page; we have asked specifically that in future “roundtables” they are more precise in their explanation; AND we are steadily working behind the scene to have this be an optional as opposed to a required tool for providers to use.