We Are Live!

July 22, 2020

I am excited to have you “take a tour” of the new VNPP Website which went live this morning.  There are some exciting new features and a significantly more modern look.  We want to extend our particular thanks to Maddi Eaton who has worked tirelessly to work with the web design staff through the middle of a pandemic to make this all happen!


Some of the features you will notice:

  • The emails format in a much clearer way!
  • News Posts are prominent on the Home Page and we retained the “search feature” both by topic and by month/year
  • We have added “Quicklinks” to the Sidebar which will take you directly to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall and the Open Comment Forums and a direct link to the Virginia Administrative Code (Regulations)
  • We have kept a search feature for the site (top of the page), but have streamlined the number of pages


Most important – Membership is open again and for those of you who want to renew now, it is available for you to use today!