Wednesday Afternoon Update

March 18, 2020

There were a number of calls today and some good steps taken both by our Agency partners and by the Governor:
  • Virginia has expanded unemployment options that will allow extra consideration for granting unemployment without a waiting period and without the requirement to seek other employment – there are helpful Q&As at

  • For the affected organizations who must lay-off staff; if you reduce their hours to zero because of COVID-19 you will be able to bring them back without jumping through all the “hoops!”
  • Also, just as a reminder, if you have an exposure of a staff member, call your Worker’s Comp carrier to determine how to report.
  • We have updated the Issues List with the latest from the DBHDS FAQs and the several calls today with DMAS – items in green are new or updated!
  • And the VNPP Board met today – we had a lot to cover, but most of the conversation came back to trying to find as many ways as possible to support each other!  We’ll “see” you on the call on Friday!