Weekend Read!

April 25, 2020

A dreary weekend seems like a good time to get caught up:
  • First, the Governor released a blueprint on Friday to begin to ease the public health restrictions; and while the Commissioner of the Department of Health speculated that Phase One – the initial stage – could last up to two years, the Governor’s office was quick to refute that timeframe! Here is the slide deck
  • Second, the fruits of the “Veto” session are beginning to ripen.  We are seeing movement toward the authority granted by the amendment which “provides DMAS temporary authority to make immediate changes to its medical assistance programs in response to COVID-19.  Any change would be subject to the Governor’s approval and must be reported within 15 days.  Authorization and any program changes will expire with the Governor’s emergency declaration.”
  • Last, we are beginning to form plans for a mini-conference this summer to take a close look at what we have learned from the struggles of the past weeks with an eye toward having a better chance of surviving and providing safe are if there is a Pandemic 2.0 coming.