Weekly Legislative Update #4

February 08, 2012

As we move closer to the first committee reports on what recommendations they will make to change the Governor’s Budget, the time for advocacy is becoming shorter. 
  • There is virtually no activity on the behavioral health side — everything seems to be on hold waiting for a decision on which bidder will be awarded the contact for the BHSA — do not expect any activity there until mid-March.  There may be budget language which states the intent of the Assembly that the contract “be conducted in a manner that ensure system integrity and engages private providers in the independent assessment process . . .”
  • On the ID/DD side there is a great deal of activity because of DOJ and the implications of the implementation of that aggreement.  The basic advocacy points are included on the “One Pager” which was released yesterday.
The tag line we have crafted applies equally to both groups!

If this is the time, and our best opportunity, to change the way Virginia supports individuals with developmental disabilities and/or youth with behavioral health needs, we owe it to them and their families to do it right!