Welcome to 2018!

January 03, 2018

The Board of Counseling has released the following:

Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and Registered Peer Recovery Specialist (RPRS) Information

During the 2017 General Assembly, House Bill 2095 was introduced and passed authorizing the Board of Counseling to register QMHPs and Peer Recovery Specialists. Effective January 3, 2018, all QMHPs and Peer Recovery Specialists will be able to submit an online application to register with the Board of Counseling. Please register with Virginia Townhall to receive notifications of Board meetings, posting of meeting minutes, regulatory changes, and opportunities for public comment. Additionally, Emergency Regulations Governing the Registration of Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP) and Emergency Regulations Governing the Registration of Peer Recovery Specialists (RPRS) effective December 18, 2017 are now available on our website. Please click on the following links for QMHP FAQs and Peer Recovery Specialist FAQs.