When You Change the Clocks!

November 02, 2019

The semi-annual ritual is coming up tonight, but was also the topic of conversation this week during a visit with the Craig Camidge, Director of Emergency Management for DBHDS.  Changing the clocks seems to be the “trigger” for many providers to check their emergency supplies, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, lanterns, batteries, etc.! Thanks both to him for taking the time to visit at several community sites and to Barbara Riggins and her staff for providing a clear picture of life in the community.  Mr. Camidge has volunteered to be the guest speaker on one of our Member Calls in the future and will likely be on the agenda for next year’s conference in the “Emerging Leaders” track.  We are pleased to hear a practical approach, but also can benefit from his expertise in how to best develop a plan! On a second topic – which is not “clock” related, but is taking a lot if time – we are still working daily on issues related to the loss of services for children and youth because of decisions made by the MCOs.  Recently, we have spoken to the wonderful representatives of Legal Aid in Charlottesville who are willing to support families whose children have lost services.  We can provide contact information if you have families who might be interested. And lastly – VOTE!