Where Are We?

March 31, 2023

That is a bit of a wide open question, but let’s try to narrow it down to just the 2023 Legislative Session:

  • The Governor has vetoed just three bills (as compared to 33 last year); that either reflects the fact that there were 300 fewer bills introduced and roughly 200 of those failed, or the administration has developed a better understanding of the process and is using it more to there advantage. 
  • The Administration has amended a number of bills – two that we worked very hard on, but the amendments seem to be acceptable to the patron and the key stakeholders.

There is no Budget yet!  There continues to be an impasse between the House and the Senate on the Governor’s tax proposal.  One of the results of the exodus from both the House and Senate is that many very influential members do not have to be concerned about how their vote on the budget will affect their “electability.”

While there are nuggets of things that we would like to see in a new budget document; this is the mid-point of the biennium and we can, if pressed, live without a new budget!   Perhaps better that, than reducing revenues for the long term!