Yes or No? A quick survey about COVID Relief Funding (no math required!)

December 10, 2020

There has been a lot of angst and confusion in the past couple of weeks about the Virginia version of COVID Relief Funding and that will likely not change today or tomorrow with the WebEx meetings scheduled by DMAS – though they are trying!  Questions about:

  • Why were some services included and others excluded?
  • What expenses can be listed for which opportunity/payment?
  • If lost revenue can not be included as an “expense” in the Virginia COVID Relief and the Day Support has been closed since March – how will this help me to have funds to reopen later this year?
  • And . . . ?

In preparation for the General Assembly, we need to know what relief members have requested and received, and how widely specific COVID Provider Relief offers have been requested/accepted/helpful.  Eight questions – all “yes or no” and no math required!