DMAS/DBHDS Report on Waiver Redesign Published

November 13, 2015

The report required by the General Assembly on the redesign of the Waivers has been published (RD385) and is available here.  We will do an analysis this weekend and have a better sense by early next week if there are any concerns, but given the time and effort which has gone into it’s development, we will assume that the report fairly describes the plan for the Waiver Redesign! 25 November – The report has been taken down so that some small corrections can be made in Table 3 (rates) – we will repost the corrected version when available 2 December – The report has been mostly corrected (there is still an error in the current rates for Sponsored Residential, we thought it was corrected, but it slipped by us all!) and been reposted – the link is above. 3 December – We have identified two errors in Table 1; the notation of “RN” under the DD Waiver in the Skilled Nursing Service has no relevance & Group SE is to be available in all three new Waivers.