Don’t Wait Until the Last Second!

June 29, 2021

So, I realize that “the day before it is due” is still plenty of time, we had a specific reason to wait until nearly the last minute to post our comments on the possible use of the 10% bump in FMAP which is part of the ARPA – first, we had hoped that DMAS would release the Minimum Wage study which was completed to give some direction to the General Assembly as they consider the impact of the coming increases on “Medicaid Dependent” providers and we hoped to have more detail on the agency requests for budget items for the upcoming Session.  Neither appear to be available!  So here is the comment we posted.

Kudos to all of the VNPP Members who have posted comments!  While many of the other comments seem to be outside the scope of the CMS-determined allowable uses of the increased funding for Home and Community-Based Services, there are some exceptional testaments to the needs in the HCBS arena.  

Here is the link to make your comment!