Shut Down of IDOLS May Cause Delay in Authorizations

July 19, 2016

The following announcement was released by DBHDS today confirming the information which was sent to the CSBs last week; the short time-frame unfortunately will leave providers little time to insure that all authorizations which will be required between July 22rd and early August are entered in the IDOLS system prior to it’s end on July 24th.  While the announcement below does indicate that authorizations may later be back-dated, there will be an interruption in billing for any individual whose authorization is due in the “dead time.” “In preparation for the August 1st Go-Live for the Waiver Management System (WaMS), DBHDS will close down access to the current IDOLS system and DD Waiver authorizations on July 24th at midnight. This will allow FEi Systems to transition all data in IDOLS and DD Oracle over to WaMS. WaMS will be accessible August 1st. ID/DD support coordinators/case managers will NOT be able to submit any additional plans of care or ISARs as of July 24th midnight. There will be a transition time provided beginning August 1st through October 1st during which time the support coordinators/case managers will be able to enter any authorization requests received after July 24th. Provided information is approved and adequate, service authorizations will be approved back to the date being requested not to be prior to July 24th.” We also lack information to clarify the Phases of implementation of the new WaMS system; it is, however, clear that far greater responsibility will fall to the Case Managers.  Not only will that cause additional burden for them, but in addition, it will inevitably cause added stress for the providers!