Trying to Stay a Step Ahead of the Landslide!

April 22, 2022

I think I know what it must feel like to look up a steep and rocky hill and see the land beginning to slide – you know there is a problem and you need to run fast to sound the alarm.   Will you make it? 

The problem is, in our business, every hill is a bit unsteady and the rock slides seem to come from all directions!  The latest is the Round 3 HSAG reports.   The QIP requirements seem to be very challenging:

  • QIPs are being required for things that seem to be a Support Coordinator responsibility
  • QIPs are being required for issues “discovered” for individuals previously discharged from the service
  • QIPs are being required for items for which there is no regulatory authority
  • QIPs are being required for responses to interviews (done several months ago) that have insufficient information to even determine the concern, much less a possible solution!

Our conversations with HSAG suggest that the minimum necessary in the drafting of a response is to simply state the facts;  for example, the individual has been discharged, no corrective action is possible, or there is insufficient information to form a response.